do you have a property that is not used all or part of the year?

Then you may have thought about renting. We offer a full-service concept where we take care of everything related to renting out your property when you're not using it. We take care of all contact with your guests, from photography and advertising, to bookings and cleaning between departures and arrivals.

Through our concierge service, we can also help you with the maintenance of your house during the periods of the year when it is empty or when you are using it yourself. We offer everything from home cleaning, gardening and house sitting to shopping and event planning.

Why rent with Ina´s Concierge?

  • Personal - we strive for a personal connection with our homeowners and, to a large extent, our guests, and we are happy to tailor a solution to suit each individual.
  • Convenient - we offer a total solution that involves minimal work for you. Most of the work is included in our fee and we also offer other services to make your home ownership easier. When you become our client, you will receive your own login to your accommodation where you can see the current booking status and block periods that you want to use the accommodation for yourself etc.
  • Secure - when you rent out through Inas Concierge, you get to take advantage of our insurance that protects you in case of any damage related to the rental. With our local presence, we can also be there quickly in case something unexpected happens.

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